Class 19 events

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons | 4:30PM - 6:00PM

This is a voluntary program for our participants, formerly kmown as "Men's Life" or "Men's Fraternity." Focused on character development and "Authentic Manhood," this program is a remarkable opportunity to witness the deeply personal transformations that our men experience in their lives through PEP. Learn more at our blog here, or download the flyer here (PDF).

Help us welcome our newest participants into the PEP family as we share inspiring stories of success from executives and PEP graduates. One-on-one time will also allow you to meet our new recruits!

Class participants pitch their preliminary business concepts to determine feasibility. Panelists provide feedback on their ideas prior to participants committing to ideas/writing business plans.

Class participants dig into the feedback they received the previous day and make adjustments in their initial business plans. Volunteers get an amazing chance to shape the next four months of these men's lives by providing feedback on the direction of the business plan they will use to compete in the Business Plan Competition before graduation.

Many business deals are lost or won in the first few minutes of meeting a person. Prospective employers can know a great deal about an applicant before they even enter the interview room. More than simply learning to "mind their manners," our participants learn the art of etiquette from the boardroom to the dining room. Join us for an exquisite meal in the PEP Chow Hall and some lively conversation with some of the most unforgettable meal companions you've ever had!

Our "Selling Night" event is our participants' opportunity to present their Business Plan to you as a potential business contact. This fast-paced event involves volunteers hearing one-on-one "sales pitches" in a speed-dating format. You then grade the presenters so that they can strengthen their approach over the final months of the program, all in preparation for the ultimate test before graduation.

Get your hands dirty while working one-on-one with participants to provide written and oral feedback on their business plans. Combined with the preceding day's feedback on their personal presentations and business pitches, this is a great way to make good business plans even better!

Participants deliver their business plan presentations as a practice session before the Business Plan Competition. Get ready to be impressed, ask tough questions and provide good feedback!

Volunteers offer "mock interviews" as fictional employers. A perfect fit with owner-operators and HR professionals, this event allows participants a chance to sell their real product... themselves! By invitation only. Please contact Al Massey if you are interested in being added to the wait list.

The culmination of the five-month class, the BPC is the most inspiring and rewarding experience that PEP has to offer. C-level Executives, Entrepreneurs and Investors serve as volunteer judges in a "Shark Tank" format. Panels of judges hear 15-minute presentations by our participants, narrowing the field down to 8 semifinalists before picking four finalists to return for day two.

Mere hours before they graduate, these four finalists pitch their hearts out to a packed room of PEP judges. Only one will emerge victorious, with the path to victory defined by who raises the most venture capital in "PEP Bucks" (no real deals are offered, but each volunteer judge is provided $10,000 in judging dollars to award as points to their favorites).

Together, we celebrate our participants' hard work and success over the past five months. By invitation only. Please contact Al Massey if you are interested in being added to the wait list.

This ceremony is the first time that the majority of our participants have ever graduated in a cap-and-gown. Before a crowd of hundreds of their family members and over fifty PEP volunteer executives, our participants will walk across stage as ... transformed men. We honor the men who best exemplify PEP's driving values, name a class valedictorian and crown a winner of the morning's Business Plan Competition.

Before the ceremony ends, our graduates give special gifts to their children, wives and mothers. These are outward signs of their inner commitment to never leaving their families again. Join us to witness the most inspiring and rewarding experience PEP has to offer. By invitation only. Please contact Al Massey if you are interested in being added to the wait list.